How it began?
I had this wonderful idea to have each of the Peeps speak about some of their lives/focuses - from that individual's perspective - and this is what I did. I didn't have any expectations; I was simply fascinated and excited by this unique, never-done-before idea. However . . .

What happened?
It did and didn't go the way planned. Rosie-Rose came through and spoke from the perspective of Sarah from the year 2070, but Sarah's life didn't sound like a happy life - actually, it sounded bleak. However, that was not the only unexpected part. Rosie-Rose, beforehand, notified us about the impact of what I was asking for the peeps to do. He called the act to be reality and time bending and explained how it would impact the listeners, the participants and the individual discussed. We did not fully understand what he meant at that time, but I fully understood it afterwards! I felt slightly nauseated and heaviness for the whole day, permeating and somewhat overwhelming. It wasn't until the next day that I could comfortably ask Rosie-Rose about what happened.

What did he say?
"Darvir: Why was there nausea and pressure around my head and the intensity of the experience?

Rosie-Rose: Ynneow – Day of the Dead. So the experience of yesterday was clearly unexpected and also a very different experience. What you did was multi-layered. One layer is expanding your sense of me. Another layer is connecting to a different time but bringing that time element into the now. When I said this is a time bending reality proposition, this is what occurred. I brought that time of the late 2000s and part of the 2100s all together in those moments. So what you did experience is those 70 to 75 years in less than 10 to 12 minutes. The second layer to this layer is you also got to experience that (future) time as well, meaning, not only that time, the future, was brought into the now but that you also experienced that future time in the now while still experiencing your present now. Much activity was happening in respect to time.

The last layer is understanding that the more you continue to push your boundaries in regard to us, we will push those boundaries with you. All those desires and statement you have made in regard to each of us, we follow through with them with you. Even if it doesn’t seem to show in an obvious manner. Welcome to the new evolved you (Darvir).

Anon: What about the heaviness he felt in the action? Was that Sarah?

Rosie-Rose: That, for the most part, was in regards to these various layers, and it was not heaviness I would say, it was in a sense putting himself into turbo drive. It was more about the actions to accomplish the experience. Now, let me tell you all, this is just the beginning. More bending of reality and time will ensue exponentially."

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