The Objective
It has been very important that the visitors, who are just beginning their relationship with the peeps, have a clear place to start. We held many sessions for this particular purpose. So we all can understand from what angle each essence approaches some of the basic concepts, such as what is the nature of our reality, how do we create our reality, what is their intent, and much more. Equally important is for each of you to get a sense of each essence in order to know which essence flavor suits your taste. And to finish up, thank you for joining us in each of our and your respective journeys.

Session Number Format Information
We will use Session: RR-AZ-11-1-16 as an example. The first section always stands for the first letter of the essence being engaged. In this case, it's Rosie-Rose (Rosie-Rose has 2 names so first letter of each name). The second section is always indicative of the person(s) involved and is the first 2 letters of their name. AZ stands for Azura. When there's more than one person SPEAKING, it will say GRP (group). The third section is the date the session was conducted. In this case, on November 1, 2016.

As you may have read on the Homepage, I have been channeling since 2013, but I started my you-create-reality journey around 2007. Someone on a certain forum posted about The Secret and how you can attract whatever you want. I was in! My imagination ran wild with the possibilities before I even watched the movie. Never again would I have to do school work! Unassisted human flight would be next in the list. Once I did watch the movie, a few guests stood out, Abraham-Hicks being one of them. After some searching, I found and ordered "Ask and It's Given." I enjoyed it thoroughly. I began affirming 100s of times but not with much success. I concluded soon enough that I was looking for something different.

I searched and searched and found Bashar, Elias, Neville Goddard and a few others. To this day, I still enjoy their teachings and, of course, Abraham-Hick's too. Looking back, I never thought I would be channeling, especially since I was not even open to the idea of being a channeler of any kind. But as the Woody Allen joke goes, "if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." He still must be laughing because after I started to channel, I never looked back; I was hooked and still am. It was in 2016 that I decided to share this with the world at large and am truly enjoying every minute of it - from building the website to doing sessions. And maybe, you will be hooked as well.


  • Naoki & Azura discussing his intent & trademark, how we create our reality (pt. I) & then some words for the Readers in Session: N-GRP-11-15-16
  • Naoki & Azura further expand upon how we create our reality (Pt. II) & an example of it Session: N-GRP-11-15-16



  • Learn about Twylah's message, intent/plan, soft energy, & silence (not responding) in Session: T-GRP-11-12-16
  • The stories we create about ourselves & the world; the many explorations we are engaging; the importance & power of silence discussed; what Twylah offers to humanity in general & individuals in conversations in Session: T-GRP-4-30-17 | Transcript


  • Otha explains his intent with Darvir, invites individuals to interact with him & mentions his different personality forms in Session: O-AZ-11-17-16
  • How we create, the definition of energy & why we create moment to moment explained to Darvir & Anon. in Session: O-GRP-1-22-17
  • Sharing what's fun, how Otha would win the lottery, something unknown about Otha revealed, how to respond to difficult events with fun & look for out of place elements of daily life in Session: O-GRP-6-11-17 | Transcript