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  • The next part in relation to money & the theme of disadvantage in Session: RR-ED-7-2-17
  • Creating reality includes creating other people as well; accepting fully that YCYR; expansion in awareness does not usually lead to knowing YCYR in Session: RR-GRP-7-9-17
  • More on removing the theme of disadvantage & witnessing that removal; an experiencing of knowing YCYR; questions to help Empaths (incl. Sensitives & Dispersed) release feelings and sensations in Session: RR-ED-7-23-17
  • Experiences of creating one's reality; why Rosie-Rose sometimes calls the Shift as The New Experience; more on the removal of the disadvantage theme in Session: RR-ED-8-21-17
  • The impact of interacting with non-physical beings; Rosie-Rose's focus; knowing YCYR is literally adding another sense to your five senses; honing your intuition in Session: RR-GRP-9-17-17


  • How our identity explains & shapes our life in Session: H-4-11-17
  • What is your life purpose & value? Why don't methods & processes given by channeled & enlightened sources produce consistent & constant results? in Session: H-GRP-5-29-17 | Audio Ver. 2
  • Fully accepting that you are very different from every aspect of existence in Session: H-6-20-17
  • More about Hanna; owning up to everything; who is the "you" that is being referred to? in Session: H-RI-7-23-17
  • The Las Vegas shooting & who was involved; why the god that is you is so elusive; the Las Vegas shooting doesn't matter in Session: H-GRP-10-15-17



  • "What's your greatest asset?" in Session: O-4-8-17
  • The beauty of this dimension explained in Session: O-5-22-17
  • Sharing what's fun, how Otha would win the lottery, something unknown about Otha revealed, how to respond to difficult events with fun & look for the out of place elements of daily life in Session: O-GRP-6-11-17
  • Have the experience of being another being in Session: O-7-28-17
  • Today, the whole world has shifted markedly; shared lifes with Otha; healing; karma; today is a good day in Session: O-GRP-10-1-17