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  • What is your life purpose & value? Why don't methods & processes given by channeled & enlightened sources produce consistent & constant results? in Session: H-GRP-5-29-17
  • Fully accepting that you are very different from every aspect of existence in Session: H-6-20-17
  • Stop complaining and focus on what you do want in Session: H-3-4-17
  • How our identity explains & shapes our life in Session: H-4-11-17
  • More about Hanna; owning up to everything; who is the 'you' that is being referred to? in Session: H-RI-7-23-17



  • Otha recommends to visit extra-terrestrials rather than only trying to contact them & shares how to do so in Session: O-AZ-12-18-16
  • "What's your greatest asset?" in Session: O-4-8-17
  • Sharing what's fun, how Otha would win the lottery, something unknown about Otha revealed, how to respond to difficult events with fun & look for the out of place elements of daily life in Session: O-GRP-6-11-17
  • The beauty of this dimension explained in Session: O-5-22-17
  • Have the experience of being another being in Session: O-7-28-17