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Jan. 2017

Feb. 2017

Mar. 2017

Apr. 2017

May. 2017

Jun. 2017

  • The meaning of You-Create-Your-Reality (YCYR) & the topic of the next group session revealed in Session: RR-6-19-17 | Transcript
  • Unpredictability/Unexpectedness - a feature of most moments; capturing what you want within yourself; being proud of your life story in Session: RR-ED-6-24-17
  • An analysis of money; money as a feature of humanity; how to procure it; the magic pill in Session: RR-ED-6-26-17

Jul. 2017

  • The next part in relation to money & the theme of disadvantage in Session: RR-ED-7-2-17
  • Creating reality includes creating other people as well; accepting fully that YCYR; expansion in awareness does not usually lead to knowing YCYR in Session: RR-GRP-7-9-17 | Transcript
  • More on removing the theme of disadvantage & witnessing that removal; an experiencing of knowing YCYR; questions to help Empaths (incl. Sensitives & Dispersed) release feelings and sensations in Session: RR-ED-7-23-17
  • Move to clarity in Session: RR-ANON-7-24-17 (Transcript only)

Aug. 2017

  • Experiences of creating one's reality; why Rosie-Rose sometimes calls the Shift as The New Experience; more on the removal of the disadvantage theme in Session: RR-ED-8-21-17

Sept. 2017

  • The impact of interacting with non-physical beings; Rosie-Rose's focus; knowing YCYR is literally adding another sense to your five senses; honing your intuition in Session: RR-GRP-9-17-17

Oct. 2017

Nov. 2017

  • Life themes; feeling tones; connecting to non-physical aspects of a person in Session: RR-RI-11-7-17 (Transcript only)