Topics: Rosie-Rose's Intent, Trademark & Approach
Participants: Rosie-Rose, Darvir & Azura

Azura: What is your intent in this phenomenon?

Rosie-Rose: My intent is to genuinely serve this individual in almost any capacity.

Azura: And what about the other participants?

Rosie-Rose: I will serve them to in the limitations of the energy exchange, yes. And the reason most individuals would come for this would be to change/alter/shift themselves in whatever regards they would want to or hope to.

Azura: Is there anything you want to say in greeting to them?

Rosie-Rose: Yes, welcome to the ride of your life because this is just the beginning. I say that because, not only it is fun to say that, but whoever will engage me, will - almost guaranteed - they will continue to engage me individually through this exchange and somewhat otherwise in a continuous and continual manner. Continually through this exchange and in some capacities continuously, (and) in some capacities and regard with me individually without the facilitator or facilitation. There is not one individual that will interact with me that will only interact with me once through this exchange or otherwise. Because it is an experience just as a ride at your theme park that you do come back for, some more than others, but over and over. Because I will guarantee you one thing, my interaction with any of you will never be the same each time. I will change KEY aspects of interaction every time. That‘s a guarantee. I will not change the information, but I will change my approach every time, whatever individual in regards to it. In that, I would never be talking to you in the same manner, in same key points of and within our interactions.

Azura: What are these key points you speak of ?

Rosie-Rose: They will be depending on each individual and each subject of information that I would be providing you all of.

Azura: What do you mean by serve?

Rosie-Rose: To offer myself in whatever degree, and to almost whatever end he would like - and agree - for me to do so.

Azura: Can you be more specific?

Rosie-Rose: There is not a specificity to this for it would be up to him. And it is somewhat extended in a limited capacity to individual I will be engaging through this individual (Darvir) and so on.

Azura: Will you have a signature or trademark type of expression that people can recognize your energy?

Rosie-Rose: No, I would not, but I can offer personal and specific energy expression symbol to whatever individual that may ask.

Azura: What family do you align with in this exchange?

Rosie-Rose: Let me tell you, there is no such requirement to associate with any family, but you can assign me to any family that you would like to and our interaction would be expressed in those qualities, so to speak. And that is your choice, individually, but it does not mean that I will ALWAYS express that, but I will be honoring it as long as it does not obstruct the expression of changing key integral points of our interactions, individual and group.

Azura: Are you focused in this dimension (as human)?

Rosie-Rose: I have been. I do not engage this physical dimension physically as you all do, no.

Azura: What would you offer to an individual who may read this but does not choose to engage you in this energy exchange format, as an expression of support, or encouragement or however you would serve?

Rosie-Rose: I know, if you are reading or seeking me, life is tough - or very interesting - and you want to grow, change, gain understandings, knowledge, experiences that would benefit or serve those purposes. But you all can do this with or without me, and you will be still supported by me. And, in the end, ultimately, you simply allowed me to talk, to encourage, to share, to discuss, to support and to be with you. And, ultimately, from my perspective, you are doing this to and with yourself and I am your humble helper.

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