Topics: Rosie-Rose Defines Our Reality & How We Create It
Participants: Rosie-Rose, Darvir & Azura

Darvir: It is said there are many realities, dimensions – physical and nonphysical – and realities within realities. What would you say about that?

Rosie-Rose: There’s much to say on what you have mentioned. First, we must define what is reality.

Reality, I would say, is an extension of you, each one of you, and is within the frame of what you can know and do know, which includes all of your senses, your ideas about reality and the world, your thoughts, your emotion, your imagination, your state of beings, your energy to a certain extent.. Any action or expression that forms for you, whether physically or otherwise, is your reality. Meaning, reality is not a entirely well-defined and set, fixed experience. Now another addition to MY definition of reality is that it is a type of experience a being is having at any particular point in your time. That is the definition I put forth about reality. Any questions?

Darvir: What is a dimension? Is there such a thing?

Rosie-Rose: ‘Dimension’ is not any different than ‘reality’, but some beings do use that term to indicate a general expression – or even theme – of sets of reality, which does include what you know as ‘probable realities’ and ‘alternate realities’. But I would also say: every reality is a dimension onto itself. And, yes, non-physical beings can reside in dimensions. But there is within all (beings) an expression of you residing in no particular reality and no particular dimension; that, in a sense, you are beyond all realities and all dimensions. That is key to understanding that all of you, and all of us, are creators of our experience and dimension. None of you, and none of us, are alone in creating, but, each of you, and each of us, do create individually, collectively, and totally. In this reality, there is something called choice. And that is the way for you to know you create your reality. Choice equals creatorship. If you have choice, which ALL of you do and ALL of us do, (then you are) experiencing being a creator of your experience, which I have said is, in essence, reality. In your dimension, choice is what creates.

Azura: Example, please.

Rosie-Rose: What example do you need or want?

Azura: I can explain how perception creates. I can explain how thought creates. I cannot explain how choice creates.

Darvir: What she said.

Rosie-Rose: Now that’s a very excellent question. How does choice create? All you know in this world is choices; that’s what you seek in this world, ALL of you. Whether to have more choices, to have less choices, to understand your choices, to change your choices, to predict your choices, to invent new choices, to unlock choices, to see the choice behind the choice – i.e. your motivation; your entire world revolves around choice. Can any of you provide me an example that does not express or include this?

Azura: There are times when we feel like there is no choice or we had no choice, which I am aware is a choice. But, for those who actually believe they have or had no choice, what would you say?

Rosie-Rose: And let me tell you (leaning in & smiling) – and this a secret between you and I – that was your choice to experience that. I say that in a joking manner but that’s the truth I am advocating of. The goal, if I am to explain to somebody, is how they did have choices in that type of scenario, or how they were choosing not to have choices in that type of scenario is what we – me and that individual – will be focusing on. That would be the goal. Not if choice and availability of choice is there or not, but to facilitate seeing the myriad of choices involved in any given scenario. Wouldn’t you agree, my dear Azura? That that’s the goal, to see the choices in play?

Azura: My tendency is to blame myself for something I created that was bad because I know it was – or I am told it was – my choice to experience that. So, in my mind, no one wants to hear that something bad was their choice, just for the experience.

Rosie-Rose: And that shows to you how the epicenter of your world is about choice. But, beyond that, know I would not say that (“it was your choice”) without explaining, from my vantage/view – my proposed vantage/view – the choices behind that choice, i.e. your motivations. And, then, the next step is for you to connect to that in a real way. And not just through blind faith or loyalty or sense of authority. I’m very apt at helping individuals connect to their motivations in an experiential type of way. (laughing) Otherwise, I would be simply preaching, as you call it.

Azura: So, how does energy play into this?

Rosie-Rose: Let me offer this additional perspective. Energy is not a thing beyond your expression of reality in the way YOU know it – or understand it. So, energy is another aspect of your experience. Energy is very fluid, telling, and revealing aspect of your reality, but, once again, it is simply another aspect. Just as your thought and emotions are. There is much construction of energy being the ultimate, all-knowing, all-powerful expression of your reality. I do not advocate that. Yes, it is a powerful expression, but, so are thoughts and so are emotions.

Darvir: What is the purpose/function of energy?

Rosie-Rose: Interconnection. That is the way you become aware – and are instantaneously aware – of what is occurring in YOUR world and beyond.

Darvir: So energy is a method/avenue of communication?

Rosie-Rose: Yes, but in more ways than you can fathom.

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