Your motivational speaker, your favorite channeler, your transformative life coach all have something in common. They all charge money. There are some speakers and coaches who charge hundreds to thousands of dollars on how to get rich seminars, yet few, if any, actually become rich. Those speakers and coaches do get rich, nonetheless. Yes, I do charge money. However, I am interested in moving beyond, around, through and with it. Let’s accomplish this together!

You simply have to contribute $25 or more per your desired block (A, B & C) in order to participate in this online series. With the exception of Block C, there are two sessions per block and each session lasts 45-70 minutes. If you register for Block A, you will be eligible to join Hanna on Aug 19 at 12 PM ET and also join Rosie-Rose on Sept 10 at 12 PM ET. If you register for Block B, you will be eligible to join Naoki at a TBA date and Otha at a TBA date. With Block C, Twylah will be speaking first and then, all of the Peeps (Round Table) will be available for anyone to comment and ask questions to in the same session. This session will last 60-90 minutes.

So if you are interested in understanding money and your relationship with it and just perhaps, changing your relationship with money, join me, the Peeps (non-physical essences/awarenesses/oversouls) and others to do so.

Register Here To Participate

Contribute $25 or more per block (A, B & C) to participate. Each talk lasts 45-70 minutes. The talk with Twylah is 60-90 mintues long.

Contribute via Pay Pal to as friend to friend.