Topics: Hanna Explains Her Intent
Participants: Hanna, Darvir & Azura

Azura: OK, Hanna, so this your introduction via interview which may be used on the website.  Is there anything you want to say to start us off? Don’t say, “No.” Please.

Hanna: I don’t. 

Azura: Would you be open to answering some questions?

Hanna: Yes, generally. 

Azura: What is your intent in this phenomenon?

Hanna: That is a question I can answer. My goal in this expression of connection and mergence is to help him (Darvir) and anyone he wants me to help explicitly and specifically with acts of convergence of fun and celebration.

Azura: Do you have a signature or trademark type of expression that people can recognize your energy?

Hanna: Other than my name, no.  And that’s because they haven’t interacted with me yet in your present now.  So when they will, we might have a symbol of our pact, (humorously) our blood oath. Remember, I am not a being that’s so far removed from any of you.  I’m a being who simply enjoys acts of creating connections, intersections, and interactions which evolve with you or any thing or being.  What that means: I can give you answers and interactions that will aid you in becoming who and what you have been trying to become for a LONG time, but without those long steps of complication and misconstruction. And I will do it by adding MY fun.  I’m always having fun and I have fun interacting and acting with him, and I will have the same fun doing that with all of you through and with him. (Humorously) I am pro-fun.

Azura: Ok, let’s do something fun. 

Hanna: Whoever talks to me, they’ll get a taste (most of them will) of how to adapt - change their rhythm - to the fun that's here and now.

Azura: Let’s get a taste, Hanna.

Hanna: Okay, when was the last time you had fun? And I’m not talking about the fun of laughing “ha ha ha”. I’m talking about the fun you got excited about. That’s the fun I’M talking about.

Azura: What does that have to do with the here and now?

Hanna: That’s what you compare yourself to, to the last fun - to the fun you have now. Then you say: “Why can I not have fun? What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with the world?”  So are you willing to let go of that?  Will you be bold enough to let go of the past in its entirety and recognize what’s here and now?

Azura: So in my latest meditation exercise before sleeping, I say “here” at the end of my inhale and “now” at the end of my exhale.  And here you are now talking about the present as “here and now!”

Hanna: So the fun has already begun.  Have you answered my question?

Azura: You’ve had several.

Hanna: Are you willing to let go of your past? Of all it’s incantations and invocations and engagements?

Azura: I’m going to go with “yes and no.”

Hanna: So you’re only willing to have a portion of it.

Azura: I don’t even know what it means (to completely let go of the past).

Hanna: Yes you do. It's the ultimate expression of, for YOU, unconcern.  That’s what fun means for you.  Think of all those memories. And what stands out through those stories and waves of synopsis of events.  In regards to fun, it’s being completely almost unconcerned. That’s your definition of fun - a SUSTAINED expression of fun, I will add.  Now isn’t that fun?

Hanna: When I said I don’t know what it means to let go of the past, I am thinking of not wanting to let go of my truck (20yo), but that’s not past, it’s in the present, right?

Hanna: Letting go of the past, it’s simply diffusing any kind of pull/push towards it.  Once that is in place, I say you have let go of your past.

Azura: Does it need be done on an event-by-event basis, or can it be one fell-swoop?

Hanna: For you, one fell swoop is not probable, but you can do it by big portions, though.

Azura:  It’s a matter of identifying what still has an influence?

Hanna: That is one dramatic way to approach this.

Azura: But…?

Hanna: Another way is simply recognize and acknowledge to yourself: the past is and was important, however, it cannot be making - or even affecting - my current decisions.

Azura: I would say that I tend to dwell in the future in regards to my “managing consequences”, but in saying that, I would not be surprised if you suggest that is driven by the past, my past.

Hanna: Humans don’t have a future.  They have a past and a present. To humans, future is to be made, then how can you have it if it is TO BE made?  Humans tend to either live in the past, live in the present, or combination of both which sometimes they label it as “the future.” 

Azura: So, this would be living in the past and projecting in the future, which is not being present?

Hanna: Now, I don’t disagree with that, but I’m advocating of point-of-view: what you humans call future is really a worry about the present driven by the past. Because the futures seems so real and present.

Azura: Ok, so when do I use that statement? (The past is and was important, however, it cannot be making - or even affecting - my current decisions.) Because it sounds like one fell-swoop? And I’m thinking of applying it when I notice and influence, but this was an alternate suggestion, so I feel I am missing something?

Hanna: Express it whenever you’re projecting into the future or the past too much.

Azura: Ok. Ok.

Hanna: And that will stop you from defending yourself (humorously) from your protector.

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