Topics: Hanna On Our Reality, How We Create It, The Akashic Records & What Is The Higher Self
Participants: Hanna, Darvir & Anonymous

Darvir: It is said there are many realities, dimensions – physical and nonphysical – and realities within realities. What would you say about that?

Hanna: Realities, they are just different ways of experiencing yourself. Dimensions are not that different from reality, but you can say, dimension might host a few different yet similar enough ways of experiencing yourself.  Non-physical is the same idea of a physical reality but applied non-physically. This dimension serves (as) a particular type of parameter of experiencing yourself. There are two functions in this dimension, one is of action, the second is separation.

Darvir: I get the separation, but can you define these two functions for us?

Hanna: Action means movement towards, from, with or against another expression or even movement.  Separation is defining. When you have defined, you have separated.  It’s that simple.

Darvir: So how do we create our reality in this dimension?

Hanna: Reality creation, who can say? (chuckles) If you are looking for the expression that creates it all, then I don’t have one for you.  It’s not a ‘one’ thing. If you ask me how the physical elements are created, I would simply say, with the manipulation of energy by  packing it together required to make that form. And who does that? You do that.  How are thoughts formed?  I’ll say to you, through the creation of language.  In the end, it is always you creating it all within a certain parameter that you will continue to choose to maintain until you simply don’t.  It’s not that serious and complicated.  Now; if you ask me how do I create what I want?  With joy. (laughs) But the way you would do it as a human and the person that you (Darvir) exactly are, with two things.  First one is recognizing whenever you have a want, you have made it and are just unfolding into it, just as you unwrap a gift.  The second one is just not waiting for any particular action or manifestation to happen.  Just be open to being surprised.  That’s the two important realizations to have so that you (Darvir) can create what you want whenever and however.  That’s all you have to do.  With someone else I might say something very different.  Remembering that you are always the creator and there is not a thing that is creating but you as a whole, as consciousness, as awareness and as beingness create.

Anon: How would someone other than Darvir create?

Hanna: Well if you ask me, I can tell you but i can only tell it for you (Anon). With you, it’s about  looking at first how you feel about the expression you do want to create. If you want to create a car, then tune into how it feels to have that car and the excitement of actually getting the car.  And the last action, let yourself believe that you will have the car.  Don’t be scared of disappointing yourself and frustrating yourself. What happens is, by tuning into the feeling you are saying this is mine to have. This is already mine.  

Anon: Do I have to hold the feeling continuously or intermittently will do?

Hanna: No, it is not about redundancy.  You just do it until you can produce that feeling almost automatically by simply the thought of the car. However it unfolds, (to the point) where you can do the automatic production of that feeling.  It is not what you feel about the car, but the experience of having the car, driving the car and much more and then you have the feeling.  Once you have the feeling, what are you going to do?

Anon: Feel it until I don’t or my attention moves and when the thought of the car arises again, feel for those feelings again. As a type of practice.

Hanna: And then you let that feeling expand and grow but also if you are feeling similarly at different parts of your day without even the focus being on the car or even the thought of having it. If you have the feeling of privacy and mobility in relation to the car, you might be talking more loudly than normal because the feeling you are generating is of privacy and you might be also more active in your day because of that feeling of mobility.  That’s growing and that’s your way of creating what you want.

Anon: (This individual) does not use the term Higher self.  But literally everyone else does and I’d like to know what you would define it as. I don’t get that Essence is the equivalent of higher self.

Hanna: I will simplify this for you.  Higher self is the personality.  The complete personality.  Essence is the holder and not literally but figuratively, the sparker of personalities.  Subjective and objective are non-existent. That’s the same term for conscious and the subconscious.

Anon: As you said the first thing, this idea of higher self being part of the focus itself came up. And that is why, it was offered that every focus has his/her own higher self. What would you say to that? Would you agree?

Hanna: You got it.  You have received the answer. Remember, separation is part of the function of this dimension. Unless you change that function, separation will continue to exist.

Anon: The channel that was offering the idea of every focus has its own higher self, he also said that your higher self connects you to the akashic records. What would you offer about that?

Hanna: You as a personality know and can do any and everything. If you conduct yourself from that expression then the answer is yes. You will have access to this figurative record(s).  It is not a place but a way for a human to connect to the potential of being omniscient.

Anon: Are we accessing (via) Akashic type records, intuition or muscle testing? What would you offer about that?

Hanna: These are just words and more definitions.  You are always accessing you because, regardless of the words, you and the other are the same (Anon & Darvir for example). You are simply different expressions of the same coin.  But you are still the coin. Even in the coin game, there is separation.

Anon: That’s why everything is known in essence.

Hanna: It’s known to you (And that you separate it). Separation is fun.

Anon: Give yourself credit Hanna because that’s the only time someone has gotten me to see how separation can be fun.

Darvir: Would the higher self be seen as the tone of the focus?

Hanna: Yes you can use it but tone does not convey any sense of consciousness and the variability of consciousness.  Your tone changes.

Anon: Like how your essence name changes?

Hanna: Yes, everything changes eventually, in most dimensions.

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