Topics: Naoki's Intent, Trademark, & Some Words for the Readers; How We Create Our Reality (Pt. I)
Participants: Naoki, Darvir & Azura

Azura: Alright, Mr. Matter-of-fact. Let’s do this. What is your intent in this phenomenon?

Naoki: If your question is what’s my agenda with this person, it’s to be encouraging in helping him with his expression(s) and intention(s) that he aims to succeed in. And my help and encouragement is not just tied to one specific thing. It’s almost in any way that will be helpful and encouraging for him and towards his goals. And in the capacity of the energy exchange action and how that would apply to individuals we will be interacting with, it’s simple. I will help them, each individual, get to the next step in their journey and in their focus (life).

Will I be assisting individuals outside of this phenomenon? No, not in that type of way. They can connect to my energy, but it’s not that extensive or elaborate in our interactions too much outside of this (grinning) phenomenal exchange.

Will we have some sort of interaction? Yes, certainly, such as: I will project myself to a person and it might be as a reminder, or encouragement, or both, in what they might be doing in that moment or in that time-frame. It is not continuous, elaborate. There is an interaction; not a complex one, if you will. And that is my intent and agenda.

Azura: Will you have a signature or trademark type of expression that people can recognize your energy?

Naoki: Yes, I will, but there can be additional ones that might be specific to people themselves. My (grinning) trademark, which I will copyright in the registry of essences, is two-fold: one is a color and other is the image, or form, itself. The color is reddish-orange.

Azura: Blood orange?

Naoki: More so like a hue of orange which is tinted with red. And the form - now, they can come separately or together, often separately - the form will be a fox.

Azura: Do you align with a family in regards to this exchange/phenomenon?

Naoki: That is not a simple answer because each individual will experience and seem to see certain expressions from each family, dependent on the individual (as to) what that family would be. So, yes, I am belonging to a family depending on that individual’s assessment. Now, do I belong or align with a family? No, it’s not a fixed situation or position.

Azura: What would you offer to an individual who may read this but does not choose to engage you in this energy exchange format, as an expression of support, or encouragement?

Naoki: Yes, that is a great question. Know that I do not hold back. Know that I do not discourage necessarily, either. Know that you can always connect to me and my energy for support. And remember, all essences are always present. In a sense, (grinning) we enjoy togetherness too much. And know that I will help you even if you’re not talking to me directly and specifically, because my words, which are not static, will help you if you are so drawn to them and choose to interact, in a way of saying, with them. So do you need to directly and specifically talk to me? No, you do not. That’s unnecessary to derive benefit from this.

Azura: I wonder if engaging you indirectly would have a different feeling-tone/feel than talking to you personally?

Naoki: That’s a possibility, but, let me tell you: feeling-tones do change somewhat with different individuals, because some individuals resonate, perhaps, more strongly with expressions of compassion. Now, I might express that more intently for that individual to connect to. Meaning, there might be scaling up or down depending on the individual that is participating in this, only so that they can connect to that interaction in a more realistic and strong capacity. And that is somewhat true for the words too. Because the words are not static. And if the words are not static, there is a play with a person, and those words, and where those words originate from, and, so to speak, reside, which is connected to this individual and to me. And then, of course, (with) the individual who is looking at these words. This is Reality Creation 101.

Azura: Is there any specific topics you would encourage people to discuss with you, or anything is game?

Naoki: Any topic is open to discussion and interaction, but remember my intent. That’s going to be at play almost all of the time. So, yes, anything is game.

Azura: Well, your intent is to help people get to the next step, but I feel you are trying to say, “remember that I don’t hold back.”

Naoki: It is all of that, but the centerpiece is the support towards the next step.

Azura: And can you be more specific about ‘the next step’? I realize that it will be different for each individual.

Naoki: The next step includes not just going in repetition about the same issue, question, want, or action. If you are enjoying your life to the fullest, well, there is a next step to that too. And that next step could be trying to see if you can influence someone to have a smile on THEIR face. Of course, it would be more elaborate than that. There is a next step, next level, next stage, next direction, with almost anything. This is what you might call expansion. And that would be the reason you will be interacting with me, or listening to me, or reading our words. It’s all the same in the end; it’s all an interaction.

Darvir: Two questions. One, it is said there are many realities, dimensions - physical and nonphysical - and realities within realities. What would you say about that? Two, how do we create our reality?

Naoki: Reality is simply what's real to you and also what’s NOT real to you. So, if Superman is not real, but since you have the concept of Superman, and what he can do and not do, he is part of your reality. Now what part that might be is a different and a complex explanation. Yes, there are what you would call ‘other realities’. And then there are realities where you, as this individual, or expression of what you call ‘essence’, is participating as a human being - those are what you would call probable and potentially alternate realities. Dimension is the framework of many co-existing, concurring, cohabiting realities. But I will tell you that there is such a thing as dimension,but it is the most fluid framework in existence, if you will - meaning it is not a rigid sort of expression, but, it is a defined sort of expression.

How do you create your reality in this dimension? The way you create your reality in THIS dimension is through the expression and action of …….

To be continued...

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