Topics: Otha's Intent With Darvir, Invitation & Personality Forms
Participants: Otha, Darvir & Azura

Azura: HI, OTHA!!!

Otha: Hello.

Azura: And what shall we discuss for your intro page?

Otha: Oh, we can discuss many things. What is it you want me to discuss for my intro page?

Azura: Your flavors, your (pause) signature trademark/energy expression, your intent in this phenomenon, your awesomeness. (laughing)

Otha: Well let me tell you what my flavor is (wink, wink).  It’s one of (leaning in to camera) rainbows and unicorns and mythical creatures, gold, and all things magical and wonderful.  

Azura: What about aliens?

Otha: Oh, they are magical too. (grinning) You are an alien to me. (laughing) My intent with this “boy” is to create an atmosphere of 'unbecomingness'.

Azura: I’m not sure what that means, but isn’t unbecoming “ugly?”

Otha: (grinning) Oh! No, it’s not ugly. It’s unraveling. It’s letting loose and not letting fear, or caution, stop him. Let me be serious.  There is that idea of what should be done, what is supposed to be done, what has always been done and what can be done. Once that is gone, it’s a party.  

Azura: A serious party?

Otha: Fun party with self-direction and intention.  That party is not only tied to this dimension, but, it exceeds and permeates through all dimensional experiences.  So my goal (with him) is to exceed himself. And what I get out of it? What do I receive? Now you tell me: what is it that I am receiving. Because I am receiving many things.

Azura: Experience? ….. It’s not emotional so I have a hard time comprehending it.

Otha: If emotions are communication that tell you something is going on, what kind of emotion would you attribute to my experience with him?

Azura: Joy, wonder, surprise . .  .

Otha: I tell you.

I tell you. I tell you. I tell you - it’s expansion.  It’s manipulating energies and doing it in unison with him, and others. And there is much more.  (grinning) There is much more.  It’s going to be a fun ride.

Azura: Do you have a trademark type of symbol? Something people will or could recognize your energy by?

Otha: I have my favorite color: you know the one.

Azura: Greeeeeeen!

Otha: Vibrant green. It’s a fun color. It’s a party color.

Azura: I’m thinking of little green, squishy aliens.

Otha: And there is another - flashes of light. They come in many shapes and forms.  

Azura: What would you like to say to individuals reading this but who may not choose to engage you through this host?

Otha: (grinning) Welcome and come on in. I don’t bite... too much. It’s okay. You can watch it happen, or you can join the fray. But you will get to experience it one way or another, so why not join and jump in? I am very versatile, and this is not the only personality form I’m going to exhibit. So everybody can dress up and be like who they want to be like. Come on, join the fun!

Azura: So what are your party tricks, Otha? (Laughing)

Otha: You mean magic show?

Azura: You’ve got a whole show? That’s awesome.

Otha: Oh, yes, I do.  It’s with rabbits and beautiful, half-naked girls. It’s with little green men jumping, and tigers being launched from rockets.  And in the middle there’s that person, you know who you are. The spotlight.. Everybody wondering and watching.. Where will this person go? What will they do? Will they go jump on the trapeze? Will they let them-self be sawed in half? That person is you, whoever decides to join in the fun.  

One party trick - and this is all you will get out of me - is being able to change my form and be as human, fairy, alien, what-have-you be like. So that you can talk to me as your peer and confidante.  

Azura: Your presence feels BIG to me - why is that?

Otha: Because, in your supposition that I am watching you, if that watcher starts to talk back, wouldn’t it be big and so much closer to that person, or energy, or being? (As) it’s when you gaze at the star and suddenly the star is 10 ft away from you. Wouldn’t that feel immense? I suppose it will.  And there is one more. The connection also feels more real, and immediate, and present.  Now you’re getting to observe the watcher.  And it’s a different experience for you.

Azura: Should we share with everyone you being a watcher or is that our little secret? (wink, wink)

Otha: (long pause) Well, suppose they will discover that on their own.

Azura: What is your intent with the individuals who engage you through this host?

Otha: Well, let me tell you a little secret.  (grinning) I don’t have one.

Azura: I am a little intimidated by this party idea.  What would you say to that?

Otha: (gently) It’s okay to feel anxious or hesitant. It’s something new and different.  It’s seems to be asking much of you.  But it’s also inviting you: Hey, why not try this today? Why not experiment today and counter-balance the anxiety with openness to engage? It is genuinely fine, whichever you, or anyone, chooses to be.  You are having the human experience, and the human experience does involve many experiences and movements. And some of them can be very scary. So, it is fine to be intimidated and otherwise.

Azura: Did you just take on a new form? Kinder, gentler Otha?

Otha: Well, that’s what I said I would do.  Didn’t you believe me?

Azura: I’m fishing for points for noticing.

Otha: Oh! Then you have your points, all 10 of them.

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