Topics: Twylah's Message, Intent/Plan, Energy & Silence (Not Responding)
Participants: Twylah, Darvir & Azura

Twylah: Hello to all.  There is a message I share with all of you today in this time in your now in this moment.  To all I say, chance: you think chance is what moves your life and changes people. And there IS chance, only that you believe it.  When chance is absent, all that is left is choice.  Will you believe in chance or in a plan? 

Azura: Neither.

Twylah: Then you have fallen into somebody else’s plan.  Life is a big plan.  You are the planner and the planned event. And each choice is a step in enacting that plan.  All of you come with a plan. And all of you do change your plan.  This the wisdom I offer to all of you today in this now of your time in this moment. 

Azura: I am trying to formulate a question on how “a plan” correlates to what some is a “game” and others say is “intent,” which all have some sort of end goal. What would be the goal - to experience?

Twylah: It is true, they are the same.  The plan is the moment.  The reason for the plan is the experience.  As you experience a moment, a self-orchestrating intention is creating that moment, which is your plan.  A moment can be experienced infinitely.  And now you know. 

Azura: I still don’t understand what you mean by “the plan is the moment.”

Twylah: There is a saying that the present is a present.  Your experience is what you planned. If you were without a plan, that moment is non-existent.  Misery in the moment is part of the plan. 

Azura: Can we segue into what is your intent in this phenomenon?

Twylah: And there is a plan with me and him, and us all.  The plan is to experience the unexpected and create within him, together, openness to all and every manifestation of your (Darvir's) head, of your heart, soul and sense. 

Azura: Twylah, will you be sharing your joint plan between you and each individual you engage through him - meaning, your joint plan? Do you and each person have a specific plan together?

Twylah: We all have a plan, and each soul talking to me, and I talking to that soul - we have OUR plan.  But the plan is different for each moment, for each second, for each time. 

In mine and your (Azura) plan, OUR plan is an unfolding of our connection to each other and the universe and how they are all the same.

Azura: We feel your energy is very soft and gentle. How would YOU describe your energy?

Twylah: I am the mother and the father.  I am your nurturer.  And you are mine, as well.  There are times when you would all feel nurtured by me.  And there will be times when many of you will feel separated from me.  That is part of the plan. 

Azura: (Laughing)  Always bringing that “plan” back in.  

Darvir: What does that mean, “you will feel separated from me?”

Twylah: Separation is always serving you.  Separation helps you grow.  It is space which so many of you ask for in your lives.  Space is your cocoon and so is separation. 

Darvir: It is said there are realities, realities within realities, and dimensions - physical and nonphysical.  What can you say about that?

Twylah: Reality is a joint plan created by all of you sharing a few (same) elements in everyone’s plan.  There are dimensions. They are unnecessary to discuss now at this moment of your time.

Darvir: How do we create our reality/plan?

Twylah: You are your reality. You create yourself, your reality, in this frame of reality, with your act of being here. That includes your thoughts, ideas, wonderings, attention, and more, but, it is your state of being that creates in your reality. 

Azura: Two Questions. Do you have a comment on our new president (Trump) and what would you encourage people to discuss in their interactions with you through this host?

Twylah: What president? YOU are your president.

Azura: Ok, let’s go on to the 2nd question.

Twylah: All discussions are welcome and know, they will all fit within our plan. 

Azura: But sometimes, you don’t answer questions.

Twylah: I answer all questions, even in my silence.  I use silence for space. 

Darvir: You mean separation?

Twylah: {no response}

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