It's important to know that when you are talking with any of these beings, I am fully present and aware. However, I am on the side and focused on the facilitation; the only time I would speak is if there is some issue, either technical or otherwise, and I will let you know that it's me. To relieve any concerns, throughout the years, I and others have asked the peeps all kinds of questions - vulnerable, emotional, intellectual, fun, practical, philosophical, sexual, mundane, and so many more. This act, you will come to know, springs from joy, acceptance, and appreciation.


How to Schedule a Session?

  • Go to the Book A Session page and follow the instructions there; however, please read this page as it contains pertinent information. If you do not want to use the form, email to with your name, Skype ID/Zoom email, who you would like to talk to, and the desired length of the session.
  • After you send the request to book a session, you will receive an available date & time and also a link to make a payment via PayPal. In case a particular date and time does not work for you, I will offer a different date and time. My time zone is ET, same time as New York City's.

How to Pay?

  • Payments are made via PayPal & must be made PRIOR to a session. Also, there will be a PayPal fee, which is NOT included in the cost above. The fee varies by country and by amount. Please check the transfer rate fee before sending your payment, especially since fees do change.

How Do We Talk?

  • Sessions can be conducted via Skype, Zoom or Call: 509-255-3084 . All of these options are free and if you do not have a account with one of these platforms, it is extremely easy to make one. You simply need a working email to create it.

What if I Cannot Make the Appointment?

  • If you are not able to make the scheduled date, simply inform me as soon as you find out. We will reschedule.

Do You Record?

  • All audios are recorded by the client for their own non-commercial use. I do not record, unless otherwise stated. To record and edit audios and compress their file size, Audacity is a good, free software. Use at your own risk and discretion, however. There are sites and other software programs available that will let you record, edit and compress audios if you search.

Will My Sessions be Automatically Posted?

  • Sessions are ONLY posted on the website with your approval, unless otherwise stated.

How Do I Make My Sessions Public?

Where Else Can I Post My Sessions?

  • You may post your sessions anywhere you would like, as long as you do it for non-commercial purposes and clearly and visibly add the proper accreditation -
    © 2016-2017 Darvir A. All Rights Reserved - and the website address into your posting(s).

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