The Round Table
Just as the mythical King Arthur and his knights assembled in the famous round table to discuss, deliberate, and celebrate various matters, you too will have the opportunity to explore and experience more than one of the essences/oversouls, and some times all of them, be present and talking in the same audio, transcript and/or session.

The Format
Sometimes, more than one of the essences will speak unprompted; some other times, the participant(s) will prompt a specific essence to speak. If the participant chooses to have the Round Table Experience for an additional cost when booking a session, they will decide which essences they want to speak to prior to the session and whether they want the prompted or unprompted experience.

Session Number Format
We will use Session: N-O-3-2-17 as an example. The first section (Naoki) will always be the first letter of the name of the essence/oversoul which spoke first. The second section (Otha) will always be the first letter of the name essence/oversoul which spoke second. The third section will always be the first two letter of the name of the person speaking (no one in this example). After that, the date of the session follows.


  • (The Round Table Experience) The importance & implications of wants & why Naoki focuses on them (featuring Otha) in Session: N-O-3-2-17 | Transcript


  • Creatures, plants & things as awareness & having unlimited choices; humans projecting their own victim mentality onto animals (featuring Naoki) in Session: RR-N-3-5-17 | Transcript