What is Here?
Here you will find all the group session audios and transcripts. They are categorized by the Peep who was speaking in that particular group session.

How To Download Audios?
Simply right click the audio link (colored red) and you will see - depending on your browser - a save link as, save target as, save linked content as or download linked file as option. Select that option and the audio will begin downloading.

Participate in a Group Session
If you would like to join us in one of the group sessions, simply register. You will get to ask questions, talk to others, and see the Peeps in action. A group session costs $35 (PayPal fee excluded) and typically lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours, taking place usually on a Sunday at 12 PM ET via Zoom. There is an announcement made in advance about which of the Peeps will be talking. You will find this and other pertinent information on the registration page.


  • Interacting with future lives/focuses; the impact of letting go of control; the greatest tool almost all of us possess; how we serve each other continuously in Session: N-GRP-3-26-17 | Transcript


  • Creating reality includes creating other people as well; accepting fully that YCYR; expansion in awareness does not usually lead to knowing YCYR in Session: RR-GRP-7-9-17 | Transcript



  • The stories we create about ourselves & the world; the many explorations we are engaging; the importance & power of silence discussed; what Twylah offers to humanity in general & individuals in conversations in Session: T-GRP-4-30-17 | Transcript


  • Sharing what's fun, how Otha would win the lottery, something unknown about Otha revealed, how to respond to difficult events with fun & look for out of place elements of daily life in Session: O-GRP-6-11-17 | Transcript